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Night Nurse

Our night nurses are here to help from the moment you bring your baby home. A night nurse allows parents to catch up on much-needed sleep by caring for your newborn during the nighttime, providing all essential care while also helping ease the baby into a healthy sleep schedule.


We provide physical, emotional, and educational support as you develop a sleeping and feeding schedule for your newborn during those critical first few weeks or months. Helpful for any family, our services are particularly essential for parents of multiples, preemies, or babies with special needs.



Soon-to-be-mothers should feel safe, informed, comfortable, and secure. Our professional doulas ensure the best possible birthing experiences for expecting parents by acting as a guide, source of support and comfort, and advocate. A doula helps guide mothers towards the decisions that are best for themselves and their child, and communicates those decisions to the rest of the medical team. Research suggests that the presence of a doula results in fewer birthing complications and better care results for both mother and child.


Lactation Consultant

The lactation consultants at Goodnight Babies offer a broad range of expert knowledge and special insight regarding breastfeeding and lactation care.


Our consultants can assist mothers with positioning and latching, increasing milk supply, and managing breast infections. We can even assist with special feeding strategies for multiples, preemies, and newborns with special needs.


First Aid

Parents can sleep soundly knowing our caretakers have first-aid training and can assist with any bump, boo-boo, or upset tummy. The reassurance provided by first aid certification is priceless, and the total well-being of your child is our first priority.


Sleep Schedule

A sleep schedule is essential for the well-being of both baby and family, and our specialists will help you develop a newborn sleep routine that's as stress-free as possible. Newborns require the same nighttime routine every night, and our team will help bring that consistency and organization to your home.


Together, we will develop a gentle series of calming activities that will teach your little one how to recognize bedtime and fall asleep easily.


Potty Training

Potty training is an intimidating topic for any parent.  It's important that your little one be guided through this important milestone with patience and understanding, and our specialists are here to help.  We offer product recommendations and informed guidance on how to make potty training simple and uncomplicated for both parent and toddler. 

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